Phase Certainly one of HypnoDommelasts approximately 1 week. Here, discipline will start to be instilled in the submissive by disorienting them and effectively cutting them off from vanilla habits and mindsets, in addition to reinforcing the physical and mental standards necessary to perform under stressful situations that'll be simulated in subsequent phases, and experienced being a slave.
The goal of the initial phase is not only to physically challenge, but in addition to psychologically break down the slave. At this point, vanilla thoughts and habits are considered detrimental to training, so they really are squashed during this period by intense physical training, unchanging routines, strict discipline, and heavy instruction.
Erotic Hypnosis
The process is made to enable submissives to find out to outlive in extreme BDSM sexual scenes and generally to adapt and overcome any unexpected situation. One of many principal ideals learned during this period is that submissivesare not to think about themselves as individuals; they are not permitted to use first of second pronouns. Instead, submissives are required to use third-person referrals, such as discussing themselves as "This slave" and achieve all tasks with stating, �Ma�am this sub ______ . The concise and soft-volume when speaking are valued also. Every word has been said in the volume the Domina can hear. Eye-to-eye contact is never made in this first phase. The submissive is always to hang their scalp lower than the Domina and/or bow upon all fours much more her presence constantly through the training. Even if this Domina wants one to access higher criteria by continuing to keep eyes fixated over a just right the ceiling. Never look down to the floor. Maintain your eyes fixated at that moment.

Constant repetition and exercise of behavioral rituals are utilized to facilitate muscle memory, so that any movement could be rendered immediately and accurately upon order without hesitation.

The very first set of behavioral rituals the submissive will strip naked upon entering the HypnoDommes dungeon. Once they first arrive at training they're given a mask to where over their face to push them further into anonymity.